Saturday, May 17, 2008

You Liked Me, You Really Really Liked Me!

Judging by my traffic after posting the Album Covers yesterday...Somebody forwarded my link to somebody and they did the same, and so on. So you like the Album Covers, huh? Sounds about right! Me too. I will make it a weekly Friday Feature! Come on back every Friday for some strangely intoxicating Album Covers with my "Critiques" -- and because I love you even more than Sally Field, Here are a few bonus Albums to hold you over till next Friday!


Whew...this weather is sure warming up and I don't know about you, but I think I'll strip down to my "everyday bikini". And I am SO thirsty, I could drink ANYTHING....and look there at the end of this strangely long straw! Its an over-sized glass filled with my junior year prom date! Now that's what I call a co-inky-dink!

I think the title means something like "Let's get you in some hot pants and piled onto the floor with my other junk and listen to some records while I chain smoke" -- which brings back so many memories of when Mike and I first started dating. Maybe Mike will take a queue from this charming fella and adopt one of those adorable little mouth brows!

Ok...where to begin with the one below...The Title, that's where. Um...I don't know what the first word means, but I hope its not as dirty as it looks...and then you've got your "RON" over there to double up on the title flaws...Moving on, let's enjoy the offering of the creepy dis-embodied hands...Who doesn't love a big dangerous flame in their face while they perform..or drink a cola or whatever the hell is going on there." Ron has his own style...clearly...I mean, whenever I play bongos outside of a stucco building..I always choose yellow gels for the back-lighting.

Hopefully everyone found something here to inspire a weekend activity...perhaps mowing the lawn in a bikini, hangin' in some hotpants while hubby sucks down some cancer sticks, or heading out to the poorly lit alley for some drums n drinks!

Happy Weekend!

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