Saturday, May 10, 2008

Peppermills With A "Twist" -- Literally and Artistically

M Design Boutique is working closely with a new artist. We met at an event in Framingham, MA last weekend and I cannot say enough about how amazed I am at her work.

Her name is Pearle Northrop, and she paints beautiful, intricately detailed functional items such as chairs, tables, lamps, clocks, etc. I couldn't believe the beauty of the objects from afar, but when I approached her table, the details absolutely, repeating myself here...amazed me.

What appeared to be a nice rich, textured green was actually tiny leaves...i mean tiny like smaller than a ladybug. And each leaf had shading and depth. Absolutely beautiful. And next to the tiny leaves...a field of blue with tiny white polka dots -- think George Seurat -- all painted one at a time, with a paintbrush tip as little as the head of a pin. Each color contained tiny details to draw me in so deep I couldn't stop thinking about them days later.

So...I called Pearle this week and invited her to paint an exclusive line of Peppermills for M Design Boutique. She agreed! Sadly, I don't have any photos of her work yet, but I've sent the Peppermills to her and am anxiously awaiting their completion. Her paint style is not something to be rushed, and so I am not sure how long these will take her to finish...but she predicted somewhere around 4-6 hours for each one, not including prep! These will be an absolute jewel in M Design Boutique when they're done. I predict that I will have a hard time keeping these in stock.

I'm so excited about this partnership with Pearle, that I had to blog about it, even though I can't show you the beautiful work she has done. She's brand new to selling her artwork, so she doesn't even have images available yet, as snapshots just would never do her work justice. She's got photoshoots scheduled, and is working diligently to get these things all in line. Lets just say now that she's put her artwork out for the world to see...she's booked solid for a year! She's a self-described lunatic with obsessive tendencies -- and her outlet is painting. I consider meeting her to be the work of fate.

I'll keep you posted and show pictures of the Peppermills the moment I get my hands on them!!

Bon Apetit!

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