Friday, February 29, 2008

Arcade Fever! Spring is on the way!!

As of now, the arcade jewelry is in M Design Boutique! I've got a pocket full of quarters and I'm headed to the arcade....If you use coupon code PACFVR08 at checkout, you'll get a 10% discount on your entire purchase. We're pretty sure the fever has a cure. And it ain't more cowbell....

For those of you who have not yet heard, there is a "The Dangerous Book for Dogs"! Co-Author Janet Ginsburg (a brilliant writer and producer bragging The Onion and The Daily Show as a couple of her latest forums) will be sending one (or more?) signed copy(s) of this hilarious parody of The Dangerous Book for Boys.

Recognized by USA Today, among others -- see how exciting it is that these Dogs (Rex and Sparky) are on board for our Buddy Dog Sip, Shop & Support Fundraiser at Gordon's in Walham, MA on Sat. April 19, 2008!

Wow! This book was written and illustrated for and by Dog Lovers like us!

You can win a copy of this book at the Gordon's Event by purchasing raffle tickets! This is just one of the many prizes we've already been gathering. Thanks Janet and the rest of the DBFD crew!!

More Donations for Buddy Dog Fundraiser Pouring In!!

Thanks to the Lazy Dog Inn, located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire for making a generous prize donation for the raffle supporting Buddy Dog.

Melissa, of M Design Boutique (that's me!) and Mike brought our dog Sawdust to the Lazy Dog Inn last Fall after locating them on the internet. We're obsessed with our amazing black lab puppy, and don't want to travel without him.

The Lazy Dog Inn welcomed Sawdust and allowed us to stay too. They even took special care of him, with play time each hour, while we went out for dinner and explored the parts of the area that didn't allow a dog. Best said in their own words: "Our Doggie guests have access to a climate controlled "Doggie Lodge" where doggie daycare is provided (included in our rates). A secure fenced "Doggie Play Area" is available for fun and exercise. Guestrooms allow your best friend to join you for a good night’s sleep."

If you haven't read the previous posts about the awesome event on April 19th at Gordon's in Waltham, please do! Its picking up steam by the day. There will be updates on this blog frequently, so stay tuned!

For anyone out there interested in making a donation in the form of a prize for the raffle, a cash donation, or something on the wish list to keep the organization running smoothly, please contact!

This fundraiser, organized by M Design Boutique, hosted at Gordon's in Waltham, promises to help some very deserving animals live great lives by raising donations and awareness for Buddy Dog in Sudbury, MA.

Enjoy a picture of The Lazy Dog Inn's Hosts Mehgan and Molly!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fido Friendly Magazine Donates to Our Fundraiser!

Fido Friendly Magazine has donated a gift of a free 1 year subscription to be given as a raffle prize at The Buddy Dog Sip, Shop & Support Fundraising Event on April 19th! (see previous post for details of the event).

A little bit about Fido Friendly:

Fido Friendly, the travel & lifestyle magazine for you and your dog. Now in our 7th year, each bimonthly issue includes hotel, city and state reviews. We can be found at Borders, Barnes & Noble, PetSmart, pet boutiques and Fido-friendly hotels nationwide.

They're donating a gift subscription for the raffle -- Value is $19.95 for a one-year subscription.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Buddy Dog -- M Design Boutique Organizes Fundraiser!

Saturday, April 19th M Design Boutique Presents a Fundraising Event for Buddy Dog of Sudbury. The event will be held at Gordon's in Waltham, Mass. to raise money and awareness of this awesome organization.

For those of you that cannot attend due to geographical or other challenges (!) I will donate 50% of proceeds from sales on M Design Boutique on that day!

The event features local vendors, free wine tasting and snacks, a fundraising raffle and 20% of all sales proceeds will be donated to Buddy Dog in support of their work to save and care for animals.

In future posts I will be listing the Buddy Dog "Wish List" of items you can bring to donate to them. The wish list is available at their website as well.

Please email with pictures of your pets to be included in the promotional materials for this event!


Founded in 1961, "Buddy Dog", as it is affectionately known is a not for profit animal welfare organization dedicated to finding new homes for homeless dogs and cats. The Society is incorporated with one main objective, "giving a new lease on life to impounded dogs and cats".

Buddy Dog accepts homeless dogs and cats, in good health and of friendly disposition, which could, without our help, be destroyed. These animals find refuge at our shelter and can depend on becoming someone's forever friend. There is no time limit on their stay.

girl with kitten
Our animal guests come to Buddy Dog from near and far and for many different reasons. Ideally a staff member interviews an animal's owner at the time the pet is being relinquished to get an accurate assessment of the animal's needs; however, some of the pets are simply strays with no attainable history. We also assist animal control officers and other animal welfare organizations who have homeless pets in need of our help.

The goal of the Buddy Dog Humane Society is to find responsible and permanent homes for all the animals in our care. To help realize this goal, our adoption counselors work with potential adopters to match them with a friend for life.

Buddy Dog values our reputation as a premiere humane organization in metropolitan Boston. A large number of our adopters come to us through word of mouth. We invite you to come visit the shelter and see the beautiful "buddies" awaiting new homes... and to spread the word.

volunteer & pet owner

To have, care for, and facilitate the placement of stray, homeless, and unwanted dogs and cats as pets in suitable homes: to establish procedures and facilities which promote the health, care and placement of stray dogs and cats, and which prevent cruelty, and alleviate pain and suffering and, in addition, to teach and promote the education of the citizens of Massachusetts in conjunction with the care of dogs and of other pets. Euthanasia is never practiced unless it is considered more humane to do so.

A terrified, abandoned puppy was discovered in a paper bag on a pile of smoldering trash at the Sudbury, MA town dump. The stray was rescued and placed by Buddy Dog's founder and his plight inspired the formation of the Buddy Dog Humane Society. The Humane Society was named after Buddy, a long time companion of its founder. Originally created to save stray dogs from destruction and laboratory experiments, Buddy Dog expanded its services to include cats in 1984.

The shelter is located on a beautiful and easily accessible site on Route 20 in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Our adoption center provides ventilated, heated/air conditioned and comfortable housing. Compassionate and competent staff and volunteers, nutritious food, veterinary care provided by a full-time veterinarian and experienced veterinary technicians, and an in-shelter spay/neuter clinic all combine to maintain the good health and nature of the dogs and cats.

The shelter, constructed in 1976, offers our canine guests, 32 individual indoor/outdoor runs with comfortable bedding and toys, spacious fenced areas for exercise and playtime, and a separate area for puppies and small or timid dogs. The facility also includes housing for over 20 felines in a brightly lit room with picture windows for bird watching, indoor play areas (mostly used for napping) and an outdoor enclosed porch for sun bathing.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Customer Feedback from Michele of Oregon

I have asked some customers who made purchases in M Design Boutique to answer some quick questions about their shopping experience, and about some of the products they ordered. Michele Soliemani of Portland, OR responded with the following:

What did you purchase, and how do you like it?

I purchased the wine charms and bath gel. I have not had the chance to use the wine charms yet but I use the Dream bath gel every day and LOVE it, much more that I thought I would. Not to sound too corny, but the smell reminds me of being in India and it is a nice little mental escape for me.

Was it for you or a gift?

The other set of wine charms were a gift for my mom and she was pretty psyched to get them as she is looking forward to putting them to good use the next time she has company over.

Did your order arrive promptly and meet or exceed your expectations?

Everything arrived promptly, no complaints about that.

Will you shop at M Design Boutique again?

I will certainly shop at M Design again!

Additional thoughts, comments, etc....

I think what you are doing is great and very creative. And I am still waiting on those wine charms to use with my Riedel 'O' series stemless glasses, ha-ha!

Thanks to Michele for sharing your thoughts! Look for more customer responses in future blogs.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Tonight M Design Boutique will be selling in Cambridge

M Design Boutique
(Tiny Armour Jewelry, WSOS T-Shirts, Meriday Coasters,
Wine Accessories, Mystic Bliss Bath & Body)

other vendors include:

Carolyn Crotty
Gracie J’s Boutique
Juda Handbags

Come to Christopher's (a restaurant) in Cambridge Monday the 28th of February from 6:30 until 9:30! Have a drink, grab something for dinner, and SHOP! A marriage of three great ways to spend an otherwise un-noteworthy Monday night!

Local Artists and Entrepreneurs come together
to celebrate and promote our community!

Join us at Christopher’s Upstairs Dining Room
1920 Mass Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140

For an evening to mix, mingle, and make purchases!

Monday February 25th 6:30-9:30pm

Featuring a Cash Bar and Gift Raffle

See you there!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Hold the Rotary Phone!!!

Go close the Drapes and grab a seat on the Davenport cuz there's something YUMMY in the Icebox! Looks like somebody's been extra good, because Diane is wearing her pointiest bra and her "I'm hoping for a bigger allowance" heels...and she's baked you a CAKE!!
The latest Placemats from Meriday Designs will surely tap-dance on your tabletops...Imagine what the neighbors will say!

Belts, Placemats and Greeting Cards have been added

Lucy's Sister Belts, Meriday Design Placemats and Scott Lewis Greeting Cards have been added to M Design Boutique, along with the recent additions of WSOS Clothing!

Check out what's new!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

WSOS Available NOW!

We Saved Our Souls Apparel is finally available in M Design Boutique!

We've got Hoodies, Men's T-shirts and Women's Scoop-necks!

The Best Placemats EVER!!

Now you too can enjoy the wonder of Molded Delicacies!

I just got a sneak preview of Meriday Design's latest line of Placemats. There are several series that will be in M Design Boutique by March 1st. If they're up sooner, I'll let you know.

But I just can't wait to show you a few enticing images from the "Mold Series"!!! With names like "Gold and White Dessert" how can you miss??


Designer Profile: Introducing Ola Chica's Aylana Zanville

Aylana Zanville is the designer and founder of Ola Chica. I've put forth a few questions so M Design Boutique shoppers can learn a little bit about her company!

M: What is your company location, and how, if it does, does it influence your work, designs?

Aylana: I am the designer and founder of Ola Chica. We are located in Santa Cruz, California, where we do our surfing and wear the suits.

Ola Chica bikinis are the only suits I wear. They are comfortable, cute and allow you to be completely present with out a worry of losing your suit.

Our focus is in making fashionable & functional surf/swim wear.

M: What do you make, and how do you design/make it?

Aylana: I design the suits and wraps. When I get a design I like, I personally test it out. The best test for the suits are the waves.

When I go surfing and the suit stays put it passes the 'Better Than Surfing Naked' Ola Chica standards.

Every bikini has a draw string feature in the bottoms which really keeps them on and the tops are durable.

M: How did you get involved with M Design Boutique?

Aylana: I met Melissa on a snowboarding vacation in Steamboat Springs/Clark, Colorado we collaborated our creative ideas and she inspired me. (M: Note that we met at the home of Susan Owen, owner of Mystic Bliss Creations, another M Design Boutique designer!)

I am stoked to be a part of M Design Boutique.

M: Are you sticking with bikinis and wraps, or do you have other designs on the way?

Aylana: We are coming out with organic long and short sleeve shirts and yoga pants with the ola chica logo.

Thanks to Aylana for introducing herself and her Santa Cruz-based company Ola Chica!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Customer Feedback! Thanks Everyone!!

Here's a little sample of the great feedback M Design Boutique has inspired so far!

"hey, just got my apron and charms and lovin em! thanks, you rock! S." -- Sent by Sara Fischer, CO

"Congrats on the site/shoppe. looks great, and the goods are sweet." -- Sent by Peter Gilstrap, CA

"Great blog. Love the pictures of the items for sale. The kitchen gloves are so cute! But the scarves are best of all!!!!!!!!"
-- Bev Manning, CO

"Website looks great, so does your picture!" -- Andrea Flanagan, CO ( -- she is my photographer -- note scarf photo to left)

"Loved my candle - great scent. The girls both got their scarves and said they were unbelievable. I told them to look at your web site and see what else they might want for future gifts!!"
-- Bonnie Briggs, CO

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Announcing New Greeting Cards!

Since lots of shoppers have asked if they can include a gift card with their order, I decided to contact photographer Scott Lewis and see if he could help!

Lewis is a Denver-based artist...and his work reflects his life in Denver, and his travels as a musician (drums).

M Design Boutique is proud to add his first line of Blank Cards to our boutique. You can send one with your gift, or you can order a set of 8. These cards are in production and on the way! Look for them in the boutique next time you order!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Pac Man Fever

Coming in March...Spring Fever = Pac Man to the Rescue.

Stay Tuned. Subscribe to this BLOG.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cambridge Sale Event at Christopher's (Adjacent to Toad)

M Design Boutique
(Tiny Armour Jewelry, WSOS T-Shirts, Meriday Coasters,
Wine Accessories, Mystic Bliss Bath & Body)

other vendors include:

Carolyn Crotty
Gracie J’s Boutique
Juda Handbags

Come to Christopher's (a restaurant) in Cambridge Monday the 28th of February from 6:30 until 9:30! Have a drink, grab something for dinner, and SHOP! A marriage of three great ways to spend an otherwise un-noteworthy Monday night!

Local Artists and Entrepreneurs come together
to celebrate and promote our community!

Join us at Christopher’s Upstairs Dining Room
1920 Mass Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140

For an evening to mix, mingle, and make purchases!

Monday February 25th 6:30-9:30pm

Featuring a Cash Bar and Gift Raffle

See you there!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Wine Chains Coming in March

Beginning March 1, 2008 Wine Chains with or without charms will be available in M Design Boutique.

They will be either plain, or with a charm -- and the charms on the
Wine Chain can be matched with our Wine Stem Charms.

Full Wine Accessory List will include:

Wine Cozies
Wine Stem Charms
Wine Chains
Hand-Beaded Wine Stoppers
Hand-Beaded Cheese Knife
Hand-Beaded Fondue Fork

There will be lots of options for gift sets, or you can buy anything on its own! All handmade or hand-beaded!

Announcing New Designer WSOS (We Saved Our Souls)

M Design Boutique is proud to announce the addition of a new designer, We Saved Our Souls of New York

Men's and Women's T-shirts and Hoodies -- custom made, pigment-dyed and hand-screened in New York City. Watch for WSOS clothing to be added to M Design Boutique within the coming week.

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

More Pics of M Design Boutique Products!

Wine Bottle Cozies -- Perfect For Gifts! These make your bottle of wine look pretty and innocent! Each one comes with a set of four Wine Stem Charms

Woven Scarves from Swirl Yarnthings -- There are lots of colors and each one is totally unique, containing up to 20 types of yarn and ribbon, including hand-spun yarn!

Ola Chica Bikinis and Wraps are designed for Surfer Girls who need their suit to STAY ON!! The wraps are cute enough to wear out at night or just on the beach.

Meriday Designs presents some very unusual coasters. This is the British Tour can get it in two sets of four separately, or you can get the whole Set of eight. The back of each coaster has a "tour guide" narrative describing the dish on the front. Weird in a GOOD way...

Valentine's Day "one day only" Sale -- Wine Charms

Wine stem charms are available today in the boutique for half price...that's just $2.50 for a set of four charms in lots of different themes. You don't need a coupon code or anything.

I'm going to be adding new wine accessories to the boutique next week, including wine stoppers, cheese knives and fondue forks, all hand-beaded by yours truly ("M")!

Watch the blog posts for a special coupon good for one day...a discount on the new wine accessories for BLOG READERS ONLY!

Some images of the "STUFF" in the boutique!

Carolyn's Kitchen Gloves -- Matching Aprons are also available!

Smoy Photocuff "Flower" Fits Kids and Adults -- Add any photo you want, change it as often as you like!

Mystic Bliss Creations Bath & Shower Gel

Comes in "Celebrate" and "Dream" Fragrances

More to come!

Welcome To World of "M" -- Notes from Melissa of "M Design Boutique"

Hi, and Welcome!

I am Melissa, owner and operator of "M Design Boutique" -- an online boutique featuring new Indie and DIY designers every day!

My boutique opened in January of 2008 and immediately filled with shoppers from all over the world! With a roster of designers like these, you can't go wrong:

Tiny Armour Jewelry, Carolyn's Kitchen Vintage-Inspired Aprons and Gloves, Mystic Bliss Creations Bath and Body, Swirl Yarnthings, Meriday Design Kitchen Decor, Ola Chica Surfwear, Spoiled Cowgirl Candles and Smoy Photocuffs, to name a few!

I stand behind the quality and artisanship of every designer represented in my boutique, and hand-picked them for not only great designs and products, but excellent customer care and DIY spirit!

I'll write later about why I believe DIY and Indie is the best way to shop, but for now, I'll just mention that by shopping in my boutique you are participating in creating success stories for real people making beautiful things. Box stores beware!

Please visit the boutique at and let me know what you think!

Thanks for your time, and Happy Shopping!
Melissa aka: "M"