Friday, February 29, 2008

More Donations for Buddy Dog Fundraiser Pouring In!!

Thanks to the Lazy Dog Inn, located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire for making a generous prize donation for the raffle supporting Buddy Dog.

Melissa, of M Design Boutique (that's me!) and Mike brought our dog Sawdust to the Lazy Dog Inn last Fall after locating them on the internet. We're obsessed with our amazing black lab puppy, and don't want to travel without him.

The Lazy Dog Inn welcomed Sawdust and allowed us to stay too. They even took special care of him, with play time each hour, while we went out for dinner and explored the parts of the area that didn't allow a dog. Best said in their own words: "Our Doggie guests have access to a climate controlled "Doggie Lodge" where doggie daycare is provided (included in our rates). A secure fenced "Doggie Play Area" is available for fun and exercise. Guestrooms allow your best friend to join you for a good night’s sleep."

If you haven't read the previous posts about the awesome event on April 19th at Gordon's in Waltham, please do! Its picking up steam by the day. There will be updates on this blog frequently, so stay tuned!

For anyone out there interested in making a donation in the form of a prize for the raffle, a cash donation, or something on the wish list to keep the organization running smoothly, please contact!

This fundraiser, organized by M Design Boutique, hosted at Gordon's in Waltham, promises to help some very deserving animals live great lives by raising donations and awareness for Buddy Dog in Sudbury, MA.

Enjoy a picture of The Lazy Dog Inn's Hosts Mehgan and Molly!

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