Friday, February 29, 2008

For those of you who have not yet heard, there is a "The Dangerous Book for Dogs"! Co-Author Janet Ginsburg (a brilliant writer and producer bragging The Onion and The Daily Show as a couple of her latest forums) will be sending one (or more?) signed copy(s) of this hilarious parody of The Dangerous Book for Boys.

Recognized by USA Today, among others -- see how exciting it is that these Dogs (Rex and Sparky) are on board for our Buddy Dog Sip, Shop & Support Fundraiser at Gordon's in Walham, MA on Sat. April 19, 2008!

Wow! This book was written and illustrated for and by Dog Lovers like us!

You can win a copy of this book at the Gordon's Event by purchasing raffle tickets! This is just one of the many prizes we've already been gathering. Thanks Janet and the rest of the DBFD crew!!

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