Friday, February 15, 2008

Announcing New Designer WSOS (We Saved Our Souls)

M Design Boutique is proud to announce the addition of a new designer, We Saved Our Souls of New York

Men's and Women's T-shirts and Hoodies -- custom made, pigment-dyed and hand-screened in New York City. Watch for WSOS clothing to be added to M Design Boutique within the coming week.

Happy Shopping!

1 comment:

ana said...

yes, that is the hell of a brand...I witnessed the creation of this great design idea, while living in NYC, and befriended the ultimate new-fresh-style creator Scott Palmer, and briefly met his partner Keeno was like the birth of an incredible and super-apocalyptical creature, that can take you flying to a totally unknown universe and dimension of new ideas, going from super fantastic political visions of the world, thru mithological olimpuses, underground labyrinths of magic, and the likes. I totally recommend t shirts lovers from any where in the planet to join this marvelous cause, which is promising to be the savior of design. Ah! and by the way, I am the responsible for the word ^~salvador~^ on that t shirt, I told Scott the word for ^~savior~^ in my native Spanish.

Best to all!