Thursday, February 21, 2008

Designer Profile: Introducing Ola Chica's Aylana Zanville

Aylana Zanville is the designer and founder of Ola Chica. I've put forth a few questions so M Design Boutique shoppers can learn a little bit about her company!

M: What is your company location, and how, if it does, does it influence your work, designs?

Aylana: I am the designer and founder of Ola Chica. We are located in Santa Cruz, California, where we do our surfing and wear the suits.

Ola Chica bikinis are the only suits I wear. They are comfortable, cute and allow you to be completely present with out a worry of losing your suit.

Our focus is in making fashionable & functional surf/swim wear.

M: What do you make, and how do you design/make it?

Aylana: I design the suits and wraps. When I get a design I like, I personally test it out. The best test for the suits are the waves.

When I go surfing and the suit stays put it passes the 'Better Than Surfing Naked' Ola Chica standards.

Every bikini has a draw string feature in the bottoms which really keeps them on and the tops are durable.

M: How did you get involved with M Design Boutique?

Aylana: I met Melissa on a snowboarding vacation in Steamboat Springs/Clark, Colorado we collaborated our creative ideas and she inspired me. (M: Note that we met at the home of Susan Owen, owner of Mystic Bliss Creations, another M Design Boutique designer!)

I am stoked to be a part of M Design Boutique.

M: Are you sticking with bikinis and wraps, or do you have other designs on the way?

Aylana: We are coming out with organic long and short sleeve shirts and yoga pants with the ola chica logo.

Thanks to Aylana for introducing herself and her Santa Cruz-based company Ola Chica!

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