Thursday, February 14, 2008

More Pics of M Design Boutique Products!

Wine Bottle Cozies -- Perfect For Gifts! These make your bottle of wine look pretty and innocent! Each one comes with a set of four Wine Stem Charms

Woven Scarves from Swirl Yarnthings -- There are lots of colors and each one is totally unique, containing up to 20 types of yarn and ribbon, including hand-spun yarn!

Ola Chica Bikinis and Wraps are designed for Surfer Girls who need their suit to STAY ON!! The wraps are cute enough to wear out at night or just on the beach.

Meriday Designs presents some very unusual coasters. This is the British Tour can get it in two sets of four separately, or you can get the whole Set of eight. The back of each coaster has a "tour guide" narrative describing the dish on the front. Weird in a GOOD way...

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