Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Become an "M" Designer!

M Design Boutique regularly seeks out new designers to add to the boutique. If you think your work belongs in M Design Boutique, contact info@mdesignboutique.com and send a blurb about you, your designs and a little bit of personal philosophy, if you so desire. Please also include ONE that is ONE SINGLE image of your work. I do not want my email box filled up with a zillion images!

Keep in mind that I'm looking for designers providing high-quality work. I prefer eco-friendly, unique "I've never seen it before" items, or incredibly innovative new versions of things.

Special consideration will be given to those of you who re-use, recover and recycle materials.

Please be familiar with what is already in M Design Boutique, and provide something different, even if it is a different version of what is in the boutique today.

Keep in mind that starting with a limited supply of consignment inventory helps me to add you more quickly, and I am willing to make a down-payment for said inventory and make payments as the inventory sells.

If you do not wish to sell on consignment, you will still be considered. It may, however, take more time for MDB to add your inventory.

Please provide all important details, but don't overload me with a ton of "noise" to shuffle through.

M Design Boutique designers understand their own product and marketing. Due to the nature of the outstanding quality of MDB products, professional photos will be required. Please provide website addresses and any other pertinent links.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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