Monday, May 5, 2008

The Event Sunday May 4th in Framingham was FUN!

So, M Design Boutique did an event in Framingham, MA yesterday (May 4th) that was quite fun! There was a massive bake sale, which benefited my boyfriend Mike (cookies!)...and I met some very interesting and talented people...some of whom I may be adding to M Design Boutique, or working with in some capacity in the future.

One exciting note: Amy Caitlin, the organizer and a vendor, was liquidating her stock of beautiful fabrics from her now defunct company that made caps for chemo patients! Wow! The spirit of her work will now be carried out in the form of Jennie Wu handbags in M Design Boutique!

I will be offering a very limited stock of Jennie Wu Clutches in the fabrics (while it lasts) and I will donate a portion of each sale of these clutches to benefit Cancer Research. What a delightful detail of today's event!

I also met some great kids selling some super-cute items such as "fuzzy flip-flops" and origami greeting cards...absolutely top quality workmanship and very professional young business people! Look out Bill Gates...and I'm not really joking, actually...

Thanks to everyone that I met who made my experience today so rewarding. I look forward to seeing how the next one goes!

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"M" -- melissa said...

Correction: Amy Catlin, not Amy was a type-o!