Monday, May 5, 2008

Check Out the New Handbag Fabrics -- Limited Edition Clutches Only in MDB!

As stated in my last post, I acquired some beautiful fabrics yesterday that were originally intended for Chemo patients' head scarves. The company that made these scarves has gone out of business, and was liquidating their fabric inventory! Lucky M Design Boutique shoppers! These will be made mostly into several limited-edition Clutches offered ONLY in M Design Boutique. A portion of the sale of each bag will benefit Cancer Research. Details to follow.

Here are the six beautiful fabrics Jennie Wu will be transforming into adorable "First Date" Clutches...and maybe a few super one-of-a-kind Hobo Bags and Totes, depending on what the yardage allows! If these are a hit, M Design Boutique will do our best to obtain more fabric from Amy Catlin (who was selling the fabric)...and keep up the concept with a bigger variety of bags and fabrics until her fabric runs out! I could have bought her whole inventory, it was all so beautiful. But here's a start:

The first round of Jennie Wu handbags is on its way to completion over at Jennie's headquarters, and we can't wait to see them and offer them in M Design Boutique. There are Clutches, Hobo Bags and Totes on the way!

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