Friday, May 16, 2008

R is for "Random" -- and "Record" Covers!

Seductive Saxophone: Nothing Sexier than a woman in a sheer gown tearing it up on sax. This album should come with information about birth control!

Party Time Nr. 1: So Bill got the big promotion down at the office! We've decided to gather at his place for snacks, cocktails and conversation...but: what to listen to?? Oh, wait...I've got just the thing! Party Time Nr. 1! Filled with classics to help Bill and his boys "seal the deal" -- and when they do...hang on tight because Bill's secret weapon: Party Time Nr. 2!! What could be more thrilling?!

Don't we all frankly just get sick of everyday polka. Its all the same, polka polka polka...give us a break already! We need something new in our polka...something "now" -- something we've never seen before...but...WHAT? What' that Happy Loue and Juleia? You've got just the thing? "HOT" Polka...ok...but is it "REAL HOT"? -- It is!!! No wonder Louie is so freakin' Happy!

Perhaps I'll make this a regular feature on this blog -- Friday Albums...cuz there are more...and more and more...

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S said...

Man, can that babe blow! Ich bin ein svinger! How do you make polka this hot? with TURTLENECKS. Please make this a regular feature~!