Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cool! No, Really...Cool!

So, its about to be Summer...and that means HEAT. In fact, I'm sure its already hot in some parts of the country. Here in New England its that perfect Spring weather where you don't need a coat, you're not too hot, and in the evening, maybe you put on a sweatshirt to take the dog on a walk, or watch the food on the grill. Aaaaaaaah Spring.

But it doesn't last forever. It gets hot. And M Design Boutique has a solution. Now, I know you've seen those Neck Coolers that people wear...the ugly goofy fabric filled with wrap them around your neck and by some miracle of science...these will keep your body temperature down! It really works! My parents were in Africa last year and people wanted to buy these off of literally the ones they were wearing!

Anyway, the ones I have seen have one major drawback. Ugliness. I don't want to screw up a perfectly chosen outfit just because its hot I went on a hunt to find some Neck Coolers that actually look cute, or Cool!! It turns out Ray Brown makes some super cute ones!

They just arrived, and I have to upload them to M Design Boutique. But I'll tell you right now, they're totally wearable and you'll be amazed at how well they work. Check the fabrics out up there...Butterfly, Solid Black, Red Bandana and three kinds of Camo! My favorite is the traditional matches my favorite pants! And camo with! I mean COOL!

They're $11, and I'm even adding some "animal" print ones. Each time one of these sells, I will donate $2 to the ASPCA to keep on helping out those amazing little furry friends of ours. Ray Brown even gave me a special price on these to support the cause! Thanks Ray!

So...keep watching and I'll announce when you can get yours. A cute little Summery neck scarf! Think Summer -- Stay Cool! Perfect for hikes, the beach, bbqs, indoors and outdoors.

Be nice to the Earth and turn your airconditioning down...this works just as well...its SCIENCE!!

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