Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Feature: Album Covers!

Due to the response from last week's Album Cover post, I've decided to make it a weekly feature here on this blog. It has nothing to do with M Design Boutique...(or does it?) ...but I must give you what you ask for:

Stars of the Bars...Did they really even need to put that in writing? I mean its clear to me that any three men in matching sky blue bell-bottom pants, embellished with pink panels, and topped with matching vests and bright yellow um, Blouses...are the Stars of the Bar. But then, maybe this just acts as a reminder to those of us who have trouble recognizing Stars. Right on BUFFALO. Keep it real.

I think this just about sums up a typical Friday night for most smokers. Bub Thomas (Mr. Entertainment) sits back, lights up his tobacco pipe (its tobacco, RIGHT?!)...and lets the tales roll off the tongue...till he's literally blue in the face. And if there's one thing I learned in college, its "Listen carefully to anyone smoking from a pipe, especially if they refer to themselves as Mr. Entertainment" All hail the school of Liberal Arts!

Oh, and I don't have enough words to get into that cloud of blue naked ladies. I'll let Bub tell you all about them...pull up a chair, and listen along to Smoker Stories. I'll go get you guys some munchies.

Its almost tempting to just let this one speak for itself...because if I accidentally say the wrong thing...I could end up pissing this guy off. Clearly I don't want to risk such a mis-step with a guy who 's such a manly logger that he's decided to venture into the obscure world of LOG MUSIC. I mean, we have to hand it to him for penning such gems as "Unemployment Compensation" and the harrowing tale of "Used Log Truck" -- so I guess instead of being a smart-ass I'll just set and learn from this Logger here....and just maybe I'll get invited to the "Loggers Annual Party".

Feel free to continue the discussions posed here-in in the comments section!

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sweet sweet cabinet making jesus