Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sneak A Peak! The Handbags are Heeeeere!

Jennie Wu delivered the goods! I've got the photos ready and these adorable clutches, along with hobo bags and travel bags (in the same color combos as below) will be available in the next couple of days in M Design Boutique! I want one of each!

The Natural Chic colors (above) are inspired by M Design Boutique's commitment to providing eco-friendly products...Remember: these fabric combinations were hand-picked EXCLUSIVELY for M Design Boutique!
This cute combination of Girly on the outside... but Rock and Roll Tomboy on the inside lets the world know that you've got a few secrets in that bag of tricks! The inner fabric has a rock and roll meets the old west flair!
And for those of you who want your BAD GIRL to show....Here's the Bad Girl/Good Girl fabric combo...The inside is a hot pink wooshy floral pattern to contrast the "I ROCK: DEAL WITH IT" attitude of the outer fabric...Get them all...Its like a handbag for every mood swing!

These clutches also double as a make-up bag or a roomy wallet. The insides, as with all Jennie Wu Handbags, are packed with super-useful pockets in multiple sizes. Good thinking Jennie!

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