Friday, May 2, 2008

Handbag Fabric Preview! -- Jennie Wu Handbags

M Design Boutique worked over the last several days with Jennie Wu, our new handbag designer, to create some very special and striking fabric combinations. We'll be offering each combination in a cute clutch, a hobo bag (a perfect everyday handbag) and a travel personal favorite (today at least!).

Pictured below is one of three signature fabric combos that will be in M Design Boutique. This one is our "earthy" selection. Its a deco style white leaves on a nice chocolate brown with a beautiful hand-dyed green batik-style fabric that Jennie bought when she lived for a time in Kenya! This is of course a special detail and will be available only until the green batik fabric runs out. The outside of the bags will be the brown and they'll be lined with the green batik.

Watch for the other two combos (both a little on the edgy-but-sweet side) in the next couple of days. The handbags will be available in M Design Boutique late next week! Can't wait!

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