Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Feature: Album Covers!

Welcome back! Its finally Friday, which is a day where we're all ready to take a long lunch, sneak out of the office a little early, and to wander the internet in search of time-killing fodder. Well, I assure you, this here Friday Album Covers (I gotta work on that title) will absolutely kill some time! It will murder it and drag it deep into the woods to be feasted on by woodland creatures, and eventually found by some unfortunate jogger...but alas...let us move on to some strange and wonderful albums of yesteryear.

Here's a fun bunch! I'm going to guess they're either in a strange and messy love (not triangle...not square...) pentagram? Yes, either a dark and wonderful love pentagram, or they're really as pure and good as they look. Perhaps siblings or cousins? I'm not touching the title of this album. Its just fine on its own. But I would like to know how many of those ties were later used to tie Francine's wrists to something after this photo shoot!

There's nothing like having friends over for a nice dinner party, am I right? Catch up on the news about the kids...the wedding plans, maybe vent about the neighbor's barking dog. And along with the good conversation, the holy trinity of a good dinner party: Good Food, Fine Wine and PSAs lightly playing in the background to sooth the soul

This is SO GOOD. Squirt Noes Its Thing. I'll say! And its thing is apparently semi-soft and ready for senior pictures -- or seƱor pictures! So...Tijuana style...does that mean its going to offer you free tequila and lure you into a dark restaurant with too many hallways...and then feed you questionable burritos while it sends children to your table to sell you ugly trinkets?! Well...sign me up! I hope I can also come away with a picture of me with a starving painted donkey!

Well, I've enjoyed myself today. I hope you have killed a little bit of your Friday afternoon and you're that much closer to happy hour with your friends Norm, Sam, Diane and Frazier...and the annoying mailman. Maybe I'll see you there...If I'm lucky I'll get a line in tonight's episode!

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