Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So, Will They Make Scrapbooks About Making Scrapbooks?

As you may recall, Mike and I stayed for a weekend at The Mountain Top Inn a month or so ago. Its an awesome dog-friendly place in Vermont...we stayed in a cabin up the road from the Inn and had a stellar time hiking, playing with the dog (wearing him out) and relaxing!

The very weekend we randomly chose to make our reservation happened to be "The Scrapbooker's Retreat" Weekend at the Inn. If you don't know about scrapbooking...lets just say its a passion for lots and lots and lots of middle-aged, upper-middle class women (yes, I love you all, but I'm making a demographic point here)...with money to BURN!

The women ascended on the Inn with their SUVs packed to the gills with special tools, papers, cutters, adhesives, lights, ergo chairs, and many space-age rolling carriers ready to explode with compartments, packets, drawers, gears, and if the stuff wasn't so "CUTE" --it would have been something out of Mad Max...This particular post-apocalypse, however, was all about preserving the memories of kids, grandkids, weddings, graduations, trips to Disneyland, etc.

Mike and I were afraid.

The entire lobby of the Inn, along with any hallway, the conference rooms, the main dining hall, the tavern (yes, there are some Scrapbooking Lushes too!)...was filled with these ladies chatting it up about hubbies, in-laws, annoying neighbors...or whatever else they needed to bitch about...or to brag about...either way.

Noticeably these women seemed unaware that there were other guests staying in the hotel, having their laptops, lamps, surge-protectors, battery chargers and everything else plugged into all available outlets in the lobby. This seemed to be their right. To take over because they payed good American dollars to do so. And I suppose they did pay. Each one of them, I guestimate, had literally thousands of dollars worth of gadgets and specialty papers, glues, hole punches, and a million other embellishments at their stations.

Mike and I weren't able to eat in the Fancy Restaurant because it was reserved for this massive group of crafters. Oh well...this meant we were relegated to the Tavern (food was insanely good there anyway)...where we engaged in some hilarious conversations with the saltier "drinkers" of the Scrapbooking crew. We deemed them "The Scrappers" and hope to someday see a juicy documentary (or mockumentary) with the same name about the dark side of the world of Scrapbooking. Because...there is one.

It was hard not to notice that the entire staff of the Inn seemed like they had entered one of Dante's more tame levels of Hell...but Hell, nonetheless...with all of the special requests, large group needs to be met, and lets face it: Groups don't tip (I've worked in the food service and the hotel industries and I know this to be true). Well...at least this event only happens there once a year.

Now, I'm sure many of you are thinking "but they're crafters...and YOU'RE crafty...what's the difference?" -- Maybe there is none. But I'll say one thing, Scrapbookers are here and they're not going away. So I encourage you to Google "Scrapbooking" and check out the unreal amount of results. Arm yourself with information, people...this isn't going to be pretty (oh wait, it IS going to be pretty)...

And I won't lie...I use Scrapbooking tools for some of my projects. They're so CUTE!

...maybe that should be the name of the mockumentary..."Scrapbooking Tools" -- what do you think?

To all of you Scrapbookers reading this...keep on scrappin'!

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