Wednesday, April 2, 2008

You like Charms...But you don't wear bracelets?

M Design Boutique now offers a cute alternative to the charm bracelet! Its a Charm Holder Pendant! It comes on an 18" Chain , ready for you to add your favorite charms!
For those of you that don't wear bracelets, this is a perfect solution. Because obviously, its NOT FAIR that you can't pick out some awesome charms for yourself!

Picture Mom in style with her Charm Holder Pendant (Pendant and Chain just $40!)...and you're the favorite child now...especially when you give her the first charm -- for example the adorable Sterling Silver "Best Friends Break Apart Charm" -- um...get a Charm holder for yourself too, cuz something tells me she's handing the other half of that to you!
And I swear I'm not being cheeky when I say that my Mom would get the other half of my Best Friends Break-Apart Charm any day!

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