Tuesday, April 15, 2008

In Loving Memory -- Ted, Honey, Daisy and Tuffy (aka Chunk)

Today, April 15th - April 19th (the day of the Buddy Dog Event in Waltham, MA), a portion of all online sales at M Design Boutique will go to Buddy Dog Humane Society to help them continue to rescue and care for dogs and cats, and to adopt them out to good families.

This event and online fundraiser honor the memories of some very special pets that are missed by their loved-ones. For the rest of this week leading up to the event, I will be posting these dedications. Please feel free to honor your pets in the comments sections!

Your purchases April 15th - April 19th honor Ted
In Loving Memory

Ted was a good, brown, mid-sized dog. His hobbies included giving squirrels ample warning that he was chasing them by barking as soon as he saw them, digging, and being afraid of water. He was well traveled, living the first half of his life in southern England and the second half in the western US. He was good friends with Tuffy, Daisy and shovels, and mortal enemies with sudden loud sounds and baths. His favorite foods were banana chips and beef jerky. Yup, my dog Ted loved banana chips. – Mike Machowski

Your purchases April 15th - April 19th honor Honey, Daisy and Tuffy
In Loving Memory

Honey, Daisy, and Tuffy were our Shih Tzus. Honey could dance. No kidding. She would dance with happiness whenever we returned home. Daisy was a cute little grouch. And Tuff was the most lovable sweet critter ever created. If you want some real love, find a Shih Tzu - guaranteed! -- Bev Manning

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