Thursday, April 10, 2008

R is for "Random" -- Fifty Good Things To Do

Inspired by my friend Scott Lewis (M Design Boutique Greeting Card designer), and by a blog post I read here

I am dedicating some time in my day to making a list of fifty good things to do. I'll focus on things that take very litte time and effort, just to demonstrate how easy it is to improve myself and my environment! These will serve to remind me how to be healthy, to live green and to give my time to worthy causes!

Ten for my Physical Health:

1. Drink a low-sodium V-8 (a full serving of vegetables in every can!)
2. Take a multi-vitamin
3. Hula-Hoop while watching "The Office"
4. Drink a glass of wine
5. Drink water on waking up, and throughout the day.
6. Take my dog Sawdust on a 30 minute or longer walk around the neighborhood
7. Sit up straight
8. Eat Breakfast
9. Stand up and stretch every half hour
10. Choose healthy foods

Ten for my Mental Health

1. Hug my dog every half hour
2. Pet my cat every half hour
3. Email a friend a quick hello -- here and there throughout my day online
4. Blog about something positive!
5. Count my blessings each night before bed
6. Tell my friends and family I love them
7. Keep my home and workspace clean and organized
8. Take time out to cook my meals
9. Go outside each hour to stretch and breath and see the outdoors
10. Play with my dog

Ten for the Environment

1. Put my reusable bags in the glove box
2. Rinse my recyclables and put them by the door
3. Turn off lights as I leave the room
4. Walk to the grocery store when the weather permits
5. Bring a trash bag on dog walks and pick up trash along the way
6. Inspire others to remember their reusable bags!
7. Be conscious of consumer experiences...choose GREEN
8. Learn from others what can be done to help rather than hurt
9. Be willing to change bad habits that hurt the environment
10. Make my business choices based on Green information and options

Ten for my Community

1. Pick up trash when I am walking, perhaps inspiring others to do so as well
2. Help raise money and awareness for issues that impact real people in my community
3. Give my time and skills to events related to #2 above.
4. Smile at people on the street and acknowledge them
5. Learn about the history of my neighborhood
6. Shop local businesses and support local business rather than choosing large chains
7. Display pretty plants and flowers on the front porch for those walking or driving by to enjoy
8. Be a positive representative of business in my community
9. Be a self-less driver
10. Learn new ideas about helping my community thrive

Ten for Animals

1. Love and care for my pets the best way possible
2. Learn something everyday about animals
3. Support animal related charities
4. Raise money and awareness for no-kill shelters
5. Raise awareness of puppy mills
6. Raise awareness about spaying/neutering animals
7. Learn the names of neighborhood Dogs and consider them citizens who deserve respect!
8. Carry dog treats in my pockets when I go to the woods with my dog
9. Keep the environment safe for animals
10. Drive slow through residential areas

Well...there are probably lots more! I encourage comments on this blog, as I found it quite inspirational to take the time to think of this list. My dog needs some love, so I'll sign off and play with him now, after having a glass of water and stretching!!


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