Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Some Charm Bracelet Examples!

This is my Charm Bracelet. Angi Glenn, of Tiny Armour originally made it for me with all Western-themed charms: A cowboy hat, a guitar, a working spur and the wood bead. Well, as Angi has pointed out, I am very rough on jewelry. I of course broke the spur, and maybe even lost another charm that I'm not remembering. But the beauty of charm bracelets is that they're always a work -in-progress. I have revived this bracelet with a western/outdoors/bbq sort of theme and now I wear it almost every day -- Its the end of Winter and it reminds me of what is to come!

The charms are all all available in M Design Boutique besides the bead, the hat and the guitar, but there are similar charms to all of those too. Keep in mind that there are charms being added everyday, so if you don't see one of these you like today, look again...and again...and again!

Pictured Below is a result (a delightful one at that) of what happens when you think about charms, look at charms, write about charms, make charm bracelets, and generally get charm-crazy. This is my insanely charmed multi-ring bracelet that I wear around hoping people will see it and ask about it...and then inevitably want one like it!

Its got twenty charms dangling from all those rings, and believe me that's not where it will end! You can't see how cute it looks dangling the charms onto the top of my hand in this picture, but I'll add one soon.

In fact, I'll be adding a Maple Leaf Charm soon to commemorate our awesome trip to the Sugar House for Maple weekend in New Hampshire last weekend.

Not sure if the leaf should go on the single chain bracelet, or the multi...anyone want to weigh-in?

I've got more examples for another post, so keep watching! The next ones will be the Mother's Day Bracelets and will be available in M Design Boutique as assembled bracelets! WYSIWYG!

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