Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Alter Ego Pieces!

I will be adding these and more this weekend to M Design Boutique! These are made from Vintage Toys, Real Gems and Beads. If you haven't seen a celebrity wearing these yet, keep your eyes peeled! Her pieces are increasingly difficult to find because of her current popularity (Alter Ego)...M Design Boutique offers these one-of-a-kind designs exclusively! These are quick snap shots, better photos will be in the boutique shortly!

Above:My Little Pony WTF Necklace: $90
Below: Strawberry Shortcake Bracelet: $80

Also on the way to M Design Boutique: Gold, Silver and Pink High Heel Earrings, My Little Pony Bracelet, Minnie Mouse Necklace, Snow White Earrings, Hello Kitty WTF Earrings and The Jetsons Bracelet! AMAZING STUFF! I'm looking at it all right now!

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