Friday, April 4, 2008

In Loving Memory - Tribute to the Fouch Family Pets

Your purchases at M Design Boutique on April 19th benefit Buddy Dog, a no-kill animal shelter and you will be honoring the Fouch Family Pets as listed below:

In Loving Memory:

”Brutus, also known as our number 1 son, was our tough-guy collie/terrier mix that we adopted in Durango, Colorado having been advertised as a "Curb Side Sitter". Who could resist? He was a great family dog who occasionally decided to wander away, and was only lured back home by driving the car past him, then opening the door into which he would enthusiastically jump--he loved to go for rides. Brutus raised the kids for almost 13 years, and, fortunately never met a dog named Caesar!” --Tom Fouch

In Loving Memory:

“Crackers (short for Firecrackers) was a great dog, cheerfully endured lots of horrible nicknames, loved a good Chew Chip, and helped me deliver the Rocky Mountain News on many cold Colorado mornings.” – Tim Fouch

“Crackers feared tall men, men with hats (besides Tim in his Gwitcha Gwitch’in hat), the bug zapper and a doorstopper doll. She loved her porcupine toy Porky, along with all other toys on Earth. She was big and awesome” – Melissa Fouch

Cecelia (Short-haired Cat)
In Loving Memory:

“Cecelia came home to our house in my brother’s Powder Jacket from a slumber party in Dillon, CO. She was a starving kitten and the group of adolescent boys that found her fed her hotdogs to save her life! She spent that birthday party weekend peeking out from Tim’s Powder Jacket while they played Dungeons & Dragons. Cecelia was feisty, but loving. She was my first kitty.– Melissa Fouch

Twinkie (Short-haired Cat)
In Loving Memory:

Twinkie was adopted by my family after her family had to move away and asked us to keep her so she could stay “home” where she would be happy. Twinkie used to bring all her kills to me while I practiced my flute…perhaps to make me stop?” – Melissa Fouch

In Loving Memory:

"Gypsy was our golden retriever mix, whom we adopted from Table Mt. Animal Shelter in Golden, CO. She loved to take long walks along and drink from Bear and Turkey Creeks, off leash, chasing rabbits, prairie dogs, and coyotes. She was an excellent kitchen floor cleaner, her motto being "Leave No crumb left behind." A gentle soul, she helped raise our son and daughter during their late high school and college years and beyond." -- Sally Fouch

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