Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Re-usable Bags Coming to M Design Boutique!

Afraid of the phrase "Re-usable Bags" -- because you've got pictures of ugly cheap totes with logos and "I'm Green!" claims all over them? Or is it because when you try to find one that's actually cute, its of course EXPENSIVE??!

M Design Boutique presents the ultimate solution...Re-usable Bags that are BOTH cute AND affordable! Here are a few from the "Flora" collection...and they cost just $8.50!

I searched the web for a conscientious designer/company making something that doesn't cost too much, but looks amazing. The results were astonishingly simple. The bags we've got coming to M Design Boutique were the hands-down winner!

Watch for more posts about these bags, plastic bags in general, and to learn what they're doing to the environment, why you should STOP USING PLASTIC BAGS, RECYCLE THE ONES YOU HAVE, and, uh....get a few of the bags we'll be carrying! We're awaiting our stock...when they get here, you'll know!

If you're willing to wait (up to 8 weeks)...I'll put them in the boutique for "Back Orders" the end of the day!

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