Monday, April 28, 2008

Rest In Peace: Bacchus Owen aka: Mr Wonderful

When I pictured what kind of dog I wanted to get, there were a few special dogs I've known that stuck in my head as "perfect pets"...because of their unique combination of personality, size, love for people, the way they run, sleep, have dreams...just the awesome love they have for life.

Today I found out that one of my favorite all-time dogs has passed on. He lived a long and happy life in the mountains of Colorado with a family who loved him like crazy. He hosted lots of people like me at his home, always graciously sharing his couch with us all. Bacchus loved running and playing and he knew how to work it when it came to treats....for everyone!

He easily makes my top 5 dog list as one of the best tempered, most fun and loving animals I've had the pleasure of knowing. I know that lots of you reading this remember Bacchus (Mr. Wonderful, Senor Fabuloso, Bucket, etc) as an A+ dog. Lets all raise a glass tonight in memory of this loving friend.

My thoughts are with the Owen family. Thanks for sharing your awesome animals always.

One last note: Bacchus is my dog Sawdust's "Dog Father" and carries on his love for pizza and "action dreams".


scott said...

obama was one of the leaders of the million man march.

SEO said...

Thanks for the sweet words. He was the best and really loved you!


(Who's Scott?)

"M" -- melissa said...

i'm not sure what's up with "scott"...but i can delete the comment, i think.

I forgot to mention that Bacchus worked at Black Dog Woodworks until his retirement a few years back. He worked hard and earned lots of kibble!

"M" -- melissa said...

M Design Boutique is still gathering all of the donations from the Buddy Dog Event to deliver to the organization. The donation will be made in loving memory of Bacchus Owen -- a small tribute to a good friend.


Kurt said...

Oh noooo! Sorry to hear this news. Hats off to Bacchus! (better take the sombrero off or he'll bark at ya :)

Strange that the politcal tower of babel is spilling over into this comment space...

Well, raising the glass to that awesome critter!!!

James said...

This looks almost identical to the dog I had for 15 years growing up. We never really know what kind of mix it was. She even had all the white chin, paws, and just a little on the tail. Can you email me what mix your dog was. Mine was named Sparky. Years later I found the exact same dog in a lost in found book in San Diego (We are from MA) and the name was “Sparkie”...I almost flipped.

James Tremble