Monday, April 21, 2008

Wine, Cheese and Raising Money!

Buddy Dog's Table...Unfortunately we didn't get a great picture of the full table, as with the crowd wandering around it was just never a perfect moment. Here is a part of the display with the goodie bags on the left (those white tags are the Memorial dedications several of you sent in) and then you can see some of their T-Shirts and literature and the raffle ticket box!

There are still several goody bags left! I will be offering them for $5 in M Design Boutique later this week. If you order a "What Would Wolfie Do" bracelet, you'll get a goody bag too! They each have a raffle ticket attached, and once the bags are all distributed, I will draw a couple of winning tickets and announce who wins. The prize will be a WWWD bracelet!

Mike (my boyfriend) took all of the photos. He's not a photographer by trade, but easily could be. Maybe I'm biased but these pictures of the wine glasses and the food are awesome!

There are more photos, which I will post throughout the week. Today is Patriot's Day, an official holiday in Massachusetts...we're headed out to the woods with Sawdust and the neighbor dogs Kai and Kobe for some running and playing! Have fun!

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Sulli D said...

The Buddy Dog event was great and I'm really glad to see the picture of the wine glasses!
Looking forward to the next one!
Dawn from Buddy Dog