Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summertime Scarf/Boots!

In response to a post on Gala Darling's blog here where she talks about wearing pink cowboy boots...I thought I would post this picture from a Sample Sale I did with my Swirl Yarnthings Scarves (available in M Design Boutique). This adorable girl was about 4' 10" tall and was loving my Hot Pink Rock-and-Roll Boa with her Hot Pink Cowboy Boots! I had to take a photo of her for some future use...which is now!

So all you Gala Darling Readers: Here's a real-life example of a girl in Los Angeles (Silverlake) -- Rockin' the Pink Cowboy Boots! And in response to "Toria's" comment: you can be short and look awesome wearing Pink Cowboy Boots!

Happy Weekend!


gilda said...

those scarves are pretty cool too!

Ivy said...

haha, she looks SUPER cute!
i just had a sudden urge to wear cowboy boots and a feather boa, and dance to "you can't touch this"

"M" -- melissa said...

thanks gilda and ivy...i need to add the rock and roll boas to M Design Boutique. they sold like hotcakes in LA -- and LA doesn't get cold!