Friday, June 6, 2008

So, here we are, Friday again! Time for some Record Covers that haven't seen the light of day since just about the day after they were purchased. Who knows why we're not all familiar with these gems, but there is no way the fabulous album cover art had anything to do with it...

Jennie! She's fun. She's talented, she's a bitch...she's JENNIE!!

Oh boy...its more chicks with saxaphones...and what could be more alluring? I have to wonder here, is she so inspired by sewing that suit for her man that she keeps the sax handy so she can express her passions? Or perhaps that was her man...and she fought him for the sax? Sort of a "Lord of the Flies" thing?

And while I know we have fun here on Fridays, I would like to take a moment and get very serious. The image below may at first beckon you to laugh....Don't. Mental Illness is a serious issue, and it just isn't right to poke fun. I don't even care if its backlit with Rainbows. GET HELP SHARON!!!

Please feel free to comment on these long-forgotten (by the two people who bought them) album covers....Lets heal together.

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