Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Feature: Vinyl Wonders

Its Friday the 13th...Spoooooooooooky...or not. Depends on if you're superstitious... or as a friend down the street here asked in a spooky voice "Are you suspicious?" Well...its the thought that counts. I am suspicious that she's been drinking since lunch...This is the same awesome woman who at our first meeting told me the story of how she drove around doing errands for hours one day and noticed that passers-by were giving her strange looks. When she got to her car she checked the rear-view mirror to find that her big sunglasses had only one lens! Yaaaaaay! This is almost as awesome as another story about another friend in the mountains in Colorado. It was Christmas time and living in Steamboat, Christmas is an insane time of year for the one big box store, Walmart. So she needed to meet up with her friend...let's call him "Richard". They both needed to hit up the Walmart -- so they agreed to meet there. She arrived earlier than he she got a cart and started traversing the crazy traffic in the store. Of course, she kept her eye on the door and was across the store when she saw him enter...she decided to throw caution to the wind and yell his name since she couldn't navigate to him in time..she went to yell "Richard!!" and instead yelled "Walmart" -- to which he did not respond...Aaaah. Its been years since she told me this story and I never tire of imagining a middle-aged woman -- well dressed, a crowded Walmart at Christmas time...who suddenly yells out "Walmart" with no explanation. HAAAAAAAAAA!!! I have considered trying this myself...only yell the wrong maybe "Target!" -- see if somebody agrees..."yeah...TARGET!!"

But I digress...Its Time for Vinyl Wonders!

Friday the 13th -- Scared? You should be...Liz Lyons could be around any corner...Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

Do you think Klaus Nomi's Mom had this in mind? I don't. I think she's pissed about the whole shoulder pad thing. She's like "Um Klaus...1984 called and wants its jacket back" Haaa!

You know...I feel a little bad that I never thought about how Morticians need music too! I'm just sitting here in my happy little life, sipping Mojitos, taking in a polo match here and there...drinking in the finer things...and the Morticians...well...they get jack shit and what do I care? that the issue has been brought to my attention, maybe I'll be a little more sensitive...and just look! Such a curious bunch!

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