Monday, June 9, 2008

Re-usable Shopping Bags


In my boutique there are several different designs of these awesome re-usable shopping bags. These are not just good-lookin' -- they're really functional! I bring them everywhere. Its easy because they roll up and have a little strap that keeps them secure...sort of like an umbrella, only about 3-inches long. The fabric is ultra light-weight so they can be stuffed into any purse, glove box or even cargo pockets.

The best part, though, is that unlike other "cute" re-usable bags, these cost just $8.50 in M Design Boutique. They hold about two regular grocery bags worth of stuff...but I noticed that at my local grocery store, they never EVER pack a plastic grocery bag all the way full...and they double bag...but these ones they always fill to the top...I think because they know I'm watching, and they know I care!

Each time I'm in line with these bags, the people behind me ask about them. I love it! I'm not only avoiding the horrors of adding to the plastic bag problem, but I'm raising awareness...even if its one person at a time! Think of how many bags just one family fills for one week's shopping! A cart full of groceries can fill up 20-30 double bags, if not more! Multiply that by 52 weeks/year, etc....Gross!

These bags are also washable and do great as beach bags, day bags for walking around the city...or for picnics, pet "stuff", and to keep handy in the car for whatever else.

I knew I'd like these bags, but I didn't know how much I'd LOVE them. I am considering running a promotion in my boutique where every person who spends $25 or more gets one of these for free for one week. I want people to have these, to see these, to use these and to fall in love with them!

What would make YOU want to buy one? I'm always looking for feedback about my products and prices. The best suggestion about how to market these eco-friendly bags gets a free one! Just comment on this post with your suggestion, and I'll post all of the comments, with the winning suggestion in one week!


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