Monday, June 16, 2008

Ancient Bazaar -- Beautiful Quote!

"Five thousand years ago, the marketplace was the hub of civilization, a place to which traders returned from remote lands with exotic spices, silks, monkeys, parrots, jewels -- and fabulous stories.

In many ways, the Internet more resembles an ancient bazaar than it fits the business models companies try to impose upon it. Millions have flocked to the Net in an incredibly short time, not because it was user-friendly -- it wasn’t -- but because it seemed to offer some intangible quality long missing in action from modern life. In sharp contrast to the alienation wrought by homogenized broadcast media, sterilized mass "culture," and the enforced anonymity of bureaucratic organizations, the Internet connected people to each other and provided a space in which the human voice would be rapidly rediscovered."

That quote by Christopher Locke --just put into words for me, the very reason why M Design Boutique exists...because I, like many of you, am sick of the SAME things everywhere...I want commerce to have culture. But I won't clutter too much what the quote says...It rings SO TRUE!!

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