Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Eeep: Day 2

Here's a quick image of the Eee PC I just got and blogged about yesterday. Its a powerful little machine for the money ($344 on Amazon.com) -- and I'm already totally mad about it. Good mad.

So, the image doesn't show that its about the size of a text book or as I mentioned yesterday, a day-planner. Its super light, and last night I nerdily knitted a "sleeve" for it so its protected from the harsh elements of my purse! Cute technology yields cute gadget bags.

In fact, Jennie Wu (MDB's handbag designer) and I have been brainstorming for weeks about the development of a line of gadget bags to be introduced in M Design Boutique by "Back-to-School" time! Think: interchangeable straps, build-ons for laptop bags + ipods, phones, blackberries, and whatever else you've got clumsily tossed into your handbag!

I certainly can't wait to see what "Jennie Wu Revelations" arise from the piles of research we've done! I can only hope these will be as cute as my Eeep!

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