Friday, June 6, 2008

Meat and Potato Cupcakes?!!

So, it shouldn't be news that there is a CUPCAKE CRAZE going on...and although I don't eat sweets much, I want in! I figured that since I have been designing ads for people with cupcake products, and selling some cupcake items in M Design Boutique, its only right that I jump on the Cupcake bandwagon!

For about a week I had the idea of meat cupcakes with potato "frosting"...I actually saw it on another blog. The cupcakes were "meatloaf" and the "frosting" was mashed potatoes. I decided that was an interesting idea, but I needed to put my on spin on it. Uh oh!

My version is an Italian Sausage and Creamy Risotto "filling" on top of Toasted Polenta brushed with pesto. Then I carmelized onions in the oil left behind by the sausage and mixed that into mashed red potatoes for the frosting. Here is the photo essay:

Step 1: Toasted Slices of Polenta Brushed with Pesto for about 10 Minutes under the Broiler

Step 2: Placed Polenta into lined Cupcake Pans (Use the metal ones, as the paper ones stuck to the bottom of the Polenta)

Step 3: Brown 1/2 lb Spicy Italian (lean) Sausage, Prepare Creamy Risotto (I used a mix from a box), Mix them together and fill Cupcake tins.

Step 4: Caramelize One Onion in un-emptied pan from browning the Sausage, Mash with 4-5 red potatoes. Fill ziploc bag with mixture, cut the corner off the bag and artfully squeeze the potatoes on as frosting! Place under broiler for 15 minutes (or till tops are browned).

Step 5: Remove from oven!

Step 6: Serve with sliced Grape Tomatoes tossed with 1/2 Tbsp. Black Olive Tepenade and a dash of Balsamic Vinegar...Yum!

And the best part of the entire project? They turned out tasting reeeeeeeally good! I had three of them and Mike had four. We have enough to heat up for lunch this weekend. So, you see, my strange project (this time) was a success!

Stay Tuned for Friday's Feature: Record Covers...


Bettie said...

these look and sound AMAZING.

roomysuit said...

brilliant. meatcake!