Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sawdust Summer '08 -- My Favorite Pictures So Far

This first one was taken out in the woods in Concord, MA on the 4th of July. That's Mike with Sawdust (who is proudly wearing an M Design Boutique Neck Cooler!).

The picture below was also taken on the 4th of July, later that day while we were grilling. Mike took this picture with my new dummy-proof camera. The dummy-proofing is for me, not Mike.

I took this picture (below) of Sawdust to take with me on our trip to Oregon. We had to drop him off at the kennel (sniff sniff) the next morning, and he looked so handsome.

This is July 5th...we went to Maine with Sawdust and had an awesome lunch on the water --and then checked out the beach with Sawdust (a natural swimmer, of course).

Ok...I dare anyone to say this picture is not pure genius.

....and the slouch "solo" style!

This is Sawdust after swimming and hiking for several hours on a VERY hot day.

In the car...heading to the woods! Hooray!

Action Maine at the beach.

More car ride pictures...

Where's Sawdust-O

There are more, of course. But I am controlling myself, realizing this is my dog. Not everyone will be as in love with him as I am...

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