Monday, July 21, 2008

For the Dog-Lovers in the Crowd -- Awesomeness Abounds

Coming to M Design Boutique in August:

These ridiculously cute/tough (depending on the decorations you choose) collars come in 5 color choices, plus sizes to fit little or big dogs. You can adorn them by twisting the charms (letters, numbers, artwork, etc) into the grommets to spell their name or reflect their personality!

There are also "Cha Chas" that slide onto the collars (like the skull and dice above)...

All colors are also available as leashes.

These are accessory-quality leather, reversible, 2-color leashes and collars that you can change with the day of the week, the holiday, the season, or simply your mood! You'll be the envy of the dog park and just watch your buddy strut with knock-out style through your neighborhood.

Good Dog!

Price Info:

Petit Dog Collars: $35
Big Dog Collars: $45
4' Leash: $55
6' Leash: $65
Double-Sided Charms: $3-$7
Charm Sets: $12-$20
Cha Chas: $10-$19

Sawdust is getting the Black and Red matching collar and leash with some skulls and his name. He will be modeling it in future posts with his friend Chloe, a blond lab who will be wearing her new Girly Pink/Hot Pink Collar with her name and some TBA Cha Chas. These two will be the talk of the town.

Feel free to contact me to place orders so that I can be sure to get what you want in stock and alert you when it arrives! Email:

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