Monday, July 7, 2008

M Design Boutique -- Jet Setting!

Wednesday of this week, I (Melissa) will be heading across the country to Portland, Oregon! I'm very excited to visit my friends and family there...and to check in on a store I'm drooling over called "Sock Dreams".

I came across them on some internetty journey or another, clicking around on pictures I like...shiny = good! If you like socks, I urge you to go to this website and indulge yourself in some awesome images of every kind of sock under the sun. From handmade super-comfy stripey socks to wild and sexy tights and leggings...Sock Dreams has my vote.

What a coincidence that one week after discovering them online, I will actually be able to go in to the store and put my hands on the merch!

Somewhere down the road, Sock Dreams will be offering accounts to boutiques like M Design Boutique -- and I'll be able to offer some sock dreams to you myself....but until then, go look for yourself at all the lovely footsie treats they've got to offer!

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