Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Early Buzz -- New Designer: Serâser

At M Design Boutique, we're constantly working to find amazing designers to present to our customers. The Fall Collection '08 is on its way. Here is a preview of one of our latest designers:

Introducing Serâser --

Serâser is a designer and manufacturer of carpets, millwork and tile. Serâser's designs reflect old world influences and modern, playful twists. Bold, rich colors fill the negative spaces to define silhouettes of organic moving forms in pleasing, coherent symmetry. The patterns present as if naturally grown, sometimes with ornate and finely descriptive detail, or hand carved out of rock or wood: there are no harsh edges. All products are hand drawn and hand made to create a personal and unique feel.

M Design Boutique's Fall '08 Collection offers a beautiful new range of home decor elements. The collection includes Serâser rugs, offered in three standard sizes.

More about Serâser's products and process:

All of the materials and processes used to create Serâser's carpets are chosen both because of the high quality, but also because they are respectful and gentle towards the environment.

Vegetable Dyes

Various parts of plants such as leaves, buds, stems, fruit rind, bark, or roots from around the world are collected, dried, and their colors extracted to create vibrant dyes. Vegetable dyes create luminous variation in the wool, creating a more complex and natural surface.


High quality Tibetan wool collected from the Himalayas is hand carded, and hand spun. The carpets are hand washed without chemicals and then sun dried to produce a soft surface and bring out the natural sheen of the wool.


All carpets have 100 knots per square inch. These knots are created around dowels on the looms, and then cut to produce the pile. Sections of the patterns that are left uncut have the loops of wool remaining to produce a unique textural and visual variation.


After being hand knotted, the carpets are trimmed and sheared multiple times to assure that the pile height is level.

Watch for the Fall '08 Collection coming August 15, 2008 to M Design Boutique.

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