Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Charm Bracelets And Cha Cha Bracelets!

You asked for it: You got it! M Design Boutique can barely keep these Cha Cha and Charm Bracelets in stock! Here's a sample of what we have for you Charm Bracelet and Cha Cha Bracelet lovers out there....Something for everyone!

Remember that each and every bracelet here can be considered a "Starter Bracelet" -- meaning you can always add your own charms that are meaningful to your life!

Below: Vintage Typewriter Key Charm Bracelet: $50

Below: Stone and Wood Beads Charm Bracelet: $50

Below: Blue Lampwork Glass (Including Blue Birds) Cha Cha Bracelet: $50

Below: Rainbow Lampwork Glass Charm Bracelet: $50
Below: Buffalo Nickel Charm Bracelet: $50

Below: Ladybugs, Flowers and Hearts Lampwork Glass Bead Charm Bracelet: $50
Below: Safari Lampwork Glass, Spotted Jasper and Magnetic Hematite Beads Charm Bracelet: $50

Below: Pink Stars and Summer Charms Cha Cha Bracelet: $50

Below: Mixed Chain and Charms Cha-Cha-Charm Bracelet: $50

Below: Ladybugs Lampwork Glass Charm Bracelet: $50

There are many many more to choose from, and I'm always open to suggestions in the Comments section of this blog. Each one of these is made by hand, and the sky is the limit!


Caveman said...

These look super rad!

Alysia said...

Superb bracelet collection!! Some of them are awesome.

Chamilia Beads, Chamilia Bracelets, Chamilia Charms said...

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