Thursday, July 31, 2008

Model Dog!

Sawdust just modeled his new Dog Collar for me. This photo-shoot acts as a stand-in until the Professional Photo-shoot (!) is scheduled sometime next week when the beautiful "Chloe" (a lovely blond vixen lab) is available.

I couldn't help but to show off a little bit because Sawdust looks INCREDIBLY handsome....

Below: Action Shot..."Muffin the Horrible" walks by the house...a daily event that irks Sawdust to no end....BAD MUFFIN!! WOOF!

Below: Look how handsome he is, even when he's tired of all the adoring attention.

Below: A good shot of the letter charms on the collar

Below: An "okay" shot of the Skull & Crossbones Cha Cha and Art Charm (A tattoo-style Heart and Bluebird)

Below: Close up Collar and Letter Charms. Note that the collar is reversable. The other side of this one is Black...and the Charms are double sided so you don't have to change them around if you switch sides! Cool!

These are not yet available at M Design Boutique online. If you'd like to order one, please email to and I will take your order! Several orders have already been taken and are on the way to the dogs right now!

My favorite dog name so far from the orders: "Weirdo" -- Hooray for Weirdo!

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