Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm Ba-aaack!

For those of you that have noticed the reduced number of posts here, I can explain! I was traveling for a week and did not have easy access to the internet, besides keeping up on email via my Blackberry...and even then, I'm not so good at the Blackberry typing!

While on the road, however, there were some developments in M Design Boutique!

First: The Good Girl/Bad Girl Hobo Bags have been updated with new fabrics! Now the outside "skull" fabric has been changed from black with white designs, it is black with red! And the inside fabric is a very similar change. The white with pink flowers is now white with red. So far, everyone who has seen them loves the new look!

Second: The Zodiac Cards for "Virgo" "Leo" and "Cancer" have arrived and they're beautiful! They're sewn with metallic thread and the paper is gorgeous and very interesting. These will be made available by the end of the week. I'm going to get frames for each one and hang them as a group on the hallway wall. They look that good!

Third: Jennie Wu mailed the new Gadget Bag samples today, and I'll be getting them shortly! Once we've tweaked the fabrics, design and sizes to be just right, they will also be made available in M Design Boutique. There will be a special "Gala Gadget Bag" designed with "Gala Darling" in mind, complete with pockets for pens and her signature condom! Google her blog...she's inspiring!

So there you have it...I will keep you posted about the "Fall 08 Collection" as it is developed!

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