Monday, March 24, 2008

Reclaimed Rock and Roll T-Shirt Scarves

Coming to M Design Boutique later this week: A series of scarves made from reclaimed rock and roll t-shirts.
Some are also just cool logo T-shirts that couldn't be just thrown away! Among the mix the legendary Ramones, The Casualties, The Adicts, and more. These are one-of-a-kind and made from real vintage rock and roll t-shirts.

Being that these scarves are made from comfy light-weight knit T-shirts....they're perfect for Spring weather. Edgy and totally unique (one-of-a-kind, in fact)...these look cool with jeans or whatever else you'd wear to go see a rock show, hang out with friends or just the walk to class. Some of them even have a pocket perfect for your mp3 player!

At $25 per scarf through the month of April, you can afford something this cool!

And remember: Re-cycle, Re-use, and Reclaim! Go Green!

I will post photos of the scarves shortly.

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