Saturday, March 8, 2008

By Popular Demand,

What's That? You'll never tire of Spam Sculpture? Well, Join the Freakin' Club, Tanya! And let's hear it for Meriday Designs who have shattered the competition with their punishing rendition of a pineapple (and are those radish and lil' smokey sidekicks hiding back there?)!
I don't know, or in fact care about the rest of the world when I gaze into the meat-ish work of art...because well, frankly I can't keep my thoughts in any kind of order. That is, until I realize that with just a simple vat of Green Olives with Pimentos, I'm on my way to a very chilling evening of circular snacks. Potted Meat? Bring it sister!

Just look at that willing army of cherry tomatoes there...all filled with, um, well what-ever! They've got eager little faces and that one in the middle seems to be the leader...of the ENTIRE TRAY! -- "Deviled're slouching! And you there, pale brown spherical balls of (?)...chin up! This ain't no rest home" -- Oh snack tray of the past, can I bring you a Scotch and Water?

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