Tuesday, March 4, 2008

M Design Boutique's "Carolyn's Kitchen" has a million dollar logo!

According to CNBC's Donny Deutsch of "The Big Idea" show...Carolyn's Kitchen has a Million Dollar Logo! Carolyn asked via webcam on last night's episode of the show "...do I have a million dollar logo?" -- and the answer was a very enthusiastic YES! Not surprising, because the logo is a likeness almost as adorable as Carolyn herself, pictured in one of her "spice and entice" aprons (just as good in or out of the kitchen).

A little background on Carolyn...she lives in Los Angeles, where I, Melissa ("M") became her web designer several years ago. I don't exaggerate when I say she is one of my favorite people to work with. She encourages and inspires me to take on challenges in the realm of persuing my dreams to run a successful online business! Of course when I came up with the idea of M Design Boutique, Carolyn topped the list of my designer dream team. I'm proud to have her in the boutique, and already she's one of my top sellers!

Check out the million dollar logo below!

And here's one of her famous Aprons on Stacy London's Fashionably Late (pictured with Take Home Chef Curtis Stone) :

Congratulations Carolyn!

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