Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Gift to Keep on Giving!

Starter Charm Bracelets

Starting a charm bracelet for someone special makes a great gift. You can start a bracelet with one or two charms and keep adding at every special event, or “just because”. Here are some ideas:

Bride's Maids: Start a bracelet for each attendant with a charm that best represents her, or your friendship.

Teens: Parents can start a life-long tradition with their daughters by starting a bracelet for her on her first teen birthday. Pick a charm for a trip you went on, her favorite sport, etc.

Wives and Girlfriends: Score major points by giving her a little heart charm hanging from a bracelet. Great for an anniversary, or just because! A keepsake alternative to flowers...or to go WITH the flowers!

Moms and Grandmas: Charms are a great way to remember important family events, travel and hobbies.

Brides-to-Be: Charms make a great gift from her fiance or future mother in law. A flower like she'll have at the wedding, a champaign glass or a heart!

Best Friends: Start a bracelet for each of you with a special charm only the two of you can appreciate.

New Moms: Starting a bracelet for the birth of a child is a cherished way to commemorate the new arrival.

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